Futuristic Talks New Music, Fashion and His Commercial with Devin Booker

This is your warning to get familiar with Futuristic. The Arizona rapper has been building his internet fame and hardcore social fan base with his "nerd raps"—viral videos in which he tucks in his T-shirt, throws on a pair of thick black glasses, and raps really fast for innocent bystanders in cities like Compton.

This year he's trying to lose the viral gimmick and switch up his sound for a new album, arriving this summer. He's already dropped two singles, "Wave" and "Epiphany," featuring NF. He also linked up with the Phoenix Suns to shoot a commercial with Devin Booker for his player exclusive sneakers with Nike. The commercials mimics othe famous Nike pairing of Spike Lee and Michael Jordan. Like Spike, Futuristic suspects that Booker’s skills have to be attributed to his sneakers. Thirteen days later, Devin Booker became the youngest player in NBA history to drop 70, a milestone that only five other players have reached. 

Must've been the shoes.

Complex caught up with the 25-year-old rapper to talk new music, his style, and the other artists he's listening to right now. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

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