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Happy Thanksgiving but more importantly Happy Birthday to my weirdo ❤️ lol if y’all... wanna get a good laugh just keep sliding. I love you baby 🥰

Hope everyone has an amazing day filled with laughs, food & quality time!

Always 💚

1. @mrminelli - “somebody else”
2. @soulfood.azmills ...SMACKS!
3. @oswinbenjamin - jesus Shuttlesworth! Make sure u get tickets to see him on tour with @murs316 Starts this week!
4. @authenticsclothing 🔥 best high quality hoodies out!
5. @dragonsandrivers freestyle bout his pops @officialbigpun
6. @maidenmobiledetailing best detail in ARIZONA! Shout out @tev____
7. @alyssagutierrrez is gonna be a star
8. @jrobthechief always a vibe!
9. I dropped a new song this week too. & pretty much every week lol don’t shleep 🤷🏾‍♂️